I'm Kreativ?

Wow, my first award! Thanks KD!

With this award you have to:
A. List 6 things you value/support and 6 things you don't.
B. Pass it along.

Things I value:
1. Time with my husband. I think it is something all of us military spouses value.
2. God.
3. America. The things I read and the stories I hear from Stryker make me so thankful I live in this country.
4. My family and friends. They helped mold me into who I am today.
5. The internet & my bloggy friends. Without it my house would undoubtedly be cleaner, but I would be bored and lonely! I feel more support from you guys than I ever have on the military base.
6. Dinner at a nice restaurant with Stryker. Dress up, eat fabulous food, enjoy a great cocktail...can it really get better than that?

Things I don't:

1. The fact that the cases of Diet Coke went down to 20 cans from 24, and yet you pay the same. When did this happen? (D.A.R., did you know this???)
2. People who feel entitlement about things they shouldn't. Ick.
3. Running. I have asthma, the two don't mix.
4. Scary movies.
5. People who insist on discussing politics and then berate you for voicing your opinion.
6. Manual transmission. Give me the automatic please!

I'm passing it along to Katie, because I love her hilarious stories, and Kristen, because of her great idea reviewing each week of deployment!