She talks to cakes.

I am happy to report that Fuzz didn't have any adverse effects from the shot. Unless you count being extra sassy for the last couple days an adverse effect.

Today, we're having a little cookout to celebrate her third birthday. Um, excuse me, who told her she could get older?? I made an exchange with another local business to swap a cake for a photography session, and we picked up the cake this morning.

She keeps talking to the cake and running into the room yelling "Cake time!"
Nice try Fuzz.


Allison @ I heart Change


Her third birthday is today? It would be funny if our birthday was the same because I tried the same cake thing about 5 times today. Except as a grownup I took a bite of my cake everytime.

Being a grownup rocks.

Time for cake!



That's a really cool cake! And three is a really fun age :)



LOVE that cake!

3, honestly, was worse for me than 2. Just sayin'. :)

Sending love to you and your beautiful family.