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So...I got a beautiful tennis bracelet from Stryker for Mother's Day. Gorgeous. But it's a little too big. So I took it to the store he purchased it from to see if they could resize it. Here's how it went down.

I got to the store and waited for about 5 minutes for the sales associate to get off the phone. No "thank you for waiting", nothing. I explain what I want and hand over the bracelet along with all the paperwork.

"Oh you bought it online." As if I am an inferior customer because my deployed husband took time out of his non-stop job protecting her freedom to buy me a beautiful gift online. She mentioned this at least three times during our short exchange, always in the same uppity tone. They have the exact same bracelet in the store..why does it matter that it was purchased online?

She then informs me that because it was purchased online, he was unable to purchase some warranty, so resizing isn't covered. I'd have to pay it out of pocket to the tune of $60. Now this bracelet has links in it...why would soldering be necessary? Anyway, for $69.99 I could purchase the warranty and then the bracelet would be covered for life for the clasp, replating, resizing, etc. etc.

At this point I said "I guess I'm just surprised that resizing it wouldn't be included."

And here's where the really stellar customer service comes in.

"Well goldsmiths don't work for free."

"But it's a (insert company name here) bracelet!"

Needless to say, I left with my bracelet. I will be writing them a letter. If they charge a fee for resizing, fine, but the goldsmith comment just put me over the edge. I think it was totally uncalled for, especially after her superiority complex over it being purchased online.