I love spending time with my sister. She always seems to brighten my spirits. Her nickname since birth has been Bouker (pronounced boo, like scary). I have no idea why my aunt always called her that, but it stuck.

She is two years younger than me and is my only sibling. Since we were fairly close in age we fought like crazy when we were younger. I'm talking "I hate you"s, nasty letters, and physical fighting. On one occasion she hit me over the head with an empty coffee can. No matter the things I've done to her, this is my blog and I maintain my innocence. *sly grin* My parents would get so mad at our fighting. Today we couldn't be closer. We are different in many ways but there is something about the bond of sisterhood. Everything you went through as a child, she did too.

Because I moved back by my family during My Love's deployment (we'll call him Stryker from here on out), I've gotten to spend a lot more time with her and it's wonderful. I missed her more than I realized...