Today was *G*'s memorial in Iraq. Sounds like it was pretty emotional, but nicely done and was a good step in providing some closure for the guys. I'm feeling better, thanks for all the well wishes.

On some other fronts, MIL, and dad drama ensue. Surprise! See? You thought everything was going fine with my MIL, didn't you? Well I just haven't been talking to her much...the solution to everything...avoidance.

Here's her latest...

She called me earlier this week and mentioned she wanted to come visit this weekend. Fine. She said she'd call later on in the week and let me know which day, etc. Not sure why when she was thinking about coming she couldn't just pick a day, but whatever. That's her style. So this morning I emailed her asking if she was still planning on coming and what day, because I hadn't heard anything from her. I told her tomorrow worked better for me. Never wrote back. So by 5, 6 o'clock, I figured she just wasn't coming.

Fast forward to 9:20PM. She calls. Yes, that's right, 9:20 tonight. She thinks they will come later in the afternoon, is that ok? Do you have plans? I didn't hesitate to tell her that I figured she wasn't coming because she didn't write back. Oh, she went to my BIL's school to drop some stuff off and then got home and thought, "I better call Kiki!" Crazy woman.

Yes, I'll sit here and clear my weekend schedule on the off chance that you actually decide to come. And then, when you decide you aren't going to, I'll have nothing to do for the weekend. Love it.

I'll save my dad for a different day...it's at least a 2 parter.