I have been thinking about all the issues I've had with her lately and I think I've figured a few things out.

She didn't change when I thought she had. It's just that, when I thought she had changed, Stryker had just deployed for his first tour, and I didn't have nearly as much contact with her as I did before Stryker left. Once Stryker was back from his first tour he was back at his duty station, so I still didn't have much contact with her. Then in that summer we got married and I moved to the duty station as well and whenever she called, she talked to him, so I didn't really ever talk to her. Therefore, she didn't change, I just didn't have to deal with her very often.

Unfortunately, now I'm closer, and by myself, and she happens to be crazy about Fuzz, so I have to deal with her...by myself. She makes me want to move far far away again.

On Wednesday, she emailed me again: Can you email me your address I want to make sure I have it correct- I'm afraid I may have it wrong and gave the wrong address to [the rude happy couple] if you have not gotten their invitation yet.

Honest to Pete, this must have been the 7th time I've given her our address. So I wrote her back: Our address is: [some cute duplex with noisy neighbors] but at this point, I don't even want an invite.

Note how I made sure to say "Our" address, lest she forget this is his home too. :) I haven't heard anything back from her since.

And apparently she was whining to Stryker's sister, either about being worried about not seeing him much during R&R or about not being able to go to the airport to pick him up, because SIL was kind of telling me about it while I was there on Sunday. She is smarter and more mature than her mother, because she gets it. When MIL said (whiny voice) "But I miss him!", SIL said "But mom, he needs to spend time with his family."

I love that girl. Every time I see her I am amazed by how mature she is becoming and what a wonderful young woman she is turning into.

So just for safe measure, I sent MIL the link to this site. I'm hoping she finds this piece. It's the first one posted on the "Army parents" section. Hehe, is that evil?


So...make me feel a little better and tell me: What's your worst in-law story?