Remember, he's 25

And, since I'm in a fightin' mood, a little more venting about my lovely mother-in-law.

A little history: When Stryker and I first got together and I was first getting to know her, I did not like her. She was rude to me. She was brass and didn't think before she spoke. I know we all are guilty of that occasionally but believe me, she is extreme. Remember?

When she realized I wasn't going anywhere, she started to get nicer to me. I thought. Looking back, maybe I just got more used to her ways. Living thousands of miles and an ocean away also helped.

Anyway, now that I'm living closer again, I'm realizing that maybe she hasn't changed after all. Proven by this conversation with Stryker in which she pretty much declares that she wishes I was out of the picture.

MIL: Are you, Kiki, and Fuzz staying in a hotel by us the first night you're home [for R&R]?
S: No, I want to spend my first night at home.
MIL: Ugh. When you get home you should be staying here, this is your home. I forget you have a different home now, I don't like that. Ugh.