Working woman

Yep, I got a job. Tomorrow is my first day.

I wasn't really planning on getting a job while Stryker is deployed. I didn't want a full time job for a few reasons.

#1 - We thought that while he is gone, Fuzz should have at least one of us around for her.
#2 - I am still breastfeeding, and at around 4 months Fuzz refused to take a bottle anymore. I know she would have learned if she didn't have options, but it made things difficult.
#3 - Finding a professional (I have a BBA in Finance) part-time job is nearly impossible, and probably wouldn't pay for day care.

But, I need to get out of the house occasionally and away from 24/7 mommy duty, and things just kind of fell into place.

My mom lost her job because they shut down the paper mill she worked for, and she's going back to school in the fall, so she's available to watch Fuzz. We went golfing a couple weeks ago at a golf course I used to work at and we were having a drink afterward. My old manager was bartending and she said that she needed waitresses. Voila, a very part-time, fun, low stress job to get me out a couple days a week. And a little extra cash is never a bad thing either.