Gas isn't cheap

Well, my MIL threw another zinger at me. The last two times I have seen them, I did the traveling. It's only about 75 miles, takes me about an hour and 20 minutes to get there, but traveling with Fuzz is usually hit or miss. She either sleeps most of the way or not at all and by about the 45 minute mark decides she's had it with the car. Let's just say by the time we finally make it there, she's so mad her forehead is blotchy from the hysterics. (Yes, I stop if I need too)

Anyway, MIL told me that she was going to come here on Sunday because she needs her Fuzz fix.

I get this email from her yesterday:


I know I said I would come and visit on Sunday, but {Stryker's half sister} left us a message that they are leaving on Monday 7/28/08 {moving out of state} so I was wondering if maybe you would be able to come this way and we could have lunch and the boy's could swim and stuff or I thought I would bring {Stryker's half sister} and the boy's with me to visit you and {Fuzz}. I know you have made multiple visits lately
so I don't know how you would feel about doing it again.. They have a Car building store at the mall like Build a Bear I thought maybe we could take them there to build a car.. Let me know what you think!


UGH! It seems like she pulls this all.the.time. There have been many times when she has said that they will come here and then in another conversation finds some way to make it sound like it would be better if I go that way. More people could see Fuzz, etc. etc. The excuses are endless.

Stryker's half sister lives about a mile from them, and the last 2 or 3 times I've been there they have told her I would be there and she makes no effort to come see us. Why should I make an effort to see her? Annoying. But I know that her twin boys would have more fun there than they would here, so here was my reply.

I guess if you'd come here with them if I don't go there, I'll just come that way because I'm sure the boys will have more fun there than they would here. I'm not sure if I'll head out right away in the morning or go to church first. I'll give you a call when I leave so you know when to expect me.

It was all I had to make it that nice.

So she replies saying that she hasn't even talked to Stryker's half sister about it yet, and doesn't even know what their schedule is for Sunday. She was going to talk to her today and then call me and let me know. Still haven't heard from her. I swear, sometimes I don't know what that woman is thinking.