My dirty secret

So I made a little listy-loo on the sidebar of things I want to accomplish before Stryker gets home for R&R. I will probably be adding to it as I think of new things. As of now, half of the things are unpacking related.

Yes, I moved in March.

Yes, I still haven't finished unpacking.

Before you get all judgmental, I know it's terrible. I was all about unpacking when I first moved in here, but once I had all the necessities unpacked, my motivation went out the window. There aren't that many boxes left, and I know I will feel amazing once they are unpacked.

I just get overwhelmed.

I don't want to unpack if the house is messy because I feel like cleaning the house takes priority. But once the house is cleaned, I don't want to unpack because it will make a mess. See my predicament??

I'll tell you my dirty little secret. When I unpack, it's hard to find a home for everything, so it sits around until I know I have company coming over and then I'll shove it in a closet and shut the door. Ick. There's another one for the list...