Mind your own business woman!

Well, since I'm already on the topic, I might as well update you.

While on my visit Sunday, Stryker's mom asked me again if I had gotten the invite yet. Again I told her no and she then informed me that I should be getting it because he sent it last week.

Why does she know this you ask? Oh, because she called him. I know she probably meant well by doing it, but it still annoys me. She missed the whole point. Even if they were to send an invite now, it doesn't matter to me. The whole point is that they forgot in the first place, and a pity invite or a "I needed to be reminded to send her one" invite sent 4 weeks after the rest of the invites doesn't fix that.

Apparently excuses ensued about how he and his fiancée had discussed it and I was supposed to be invited, but wasn't. I'm sorry, if you ask me, you're either on the guest list or you aren't. There isn't some big discussion about whether or not you invite one of your best friend's wives because he is currently in Iraq.