You're Uninvited

When I was driving home yesterday Stryker's mom called me to see how the weekend went. We were visiting and I asked what they did for the weekend and she told me that they had gone to my brother-in-law's girlfriend's graduation party. They have been dating for about 2 years, so I know her quite well, and I was not invited.

Me: I wasn't even invited to her party.
MIL: That's a good thing. You didn't have to spend any money, and you weren't here anyway.
Me: That's rude that I wasn't invited.
MIL: *laughter* I think that everyone forgets about Stryker's wife and child when he's gone. *laughter* Except for us. *laughter* Except for us.

I got off the phone thinking...did she really say that?? I have thought for awhile know that I seem to be out of the loop while he is gone, and it makes me feel bad. We have been married for 3 years, do you really just forget someone like that? Am I nothing to them when Stryker isn't around?

Either way, I already know people leave me out when Stryker isn't here. I don't need a confirmation from her that I am indeed forgotten.

Does anyone else have this same experience during deployment? How did you deal with it?