Road Trippin'

Well folks, I'm taking my first big road trip with the babe. It should be interesting. I'm prepared for the worst, so hopefully it will turn out better than that! Traveling 4-5 hours with a 9 and a half month old could get pretty hairy, but I'm excited and up for the challenge. I can't just sit home all the time because I have a baby.

I'm meeting an Army wife friend in Chicago. It's about halfway for both of us. We both decided to move back to our hometowns during the deployment. I do miss many of the comforts of living so close to a military community, but it was far FAR away from my hometown, and I think I enjoy the comforts of being close to both mine and Stryker's families more.

Still have lots to do! I'll be back Sunday or Monday, probably with pictures!