Deployment Leave Dilemmas

I discovered Sara's blog the other day and was reading this, and it struck a chord. I love Stryker's family, but if you've been reading for awhile, you know that they sometimes do things that bother me. Really though, even my own family does things that bother me...who's doesn't?

As we all know from my frequent donut updates that Stryker's R&R is coming up. Thankfully, Stryker is not shy when it comes to telling his family what he wants. He has already told them that it would only be Fuzz and I at the airport picking him up, and because the airport is only a few miles from their home, we would stop over before we headed for home.

The thing is, if he wouldn't have told them that, I can almost guarantee that they would have just assumed they would be at the airport. I don't think they would have asked if they could come, they would have asked what time they should be there.

After reading about Sara's plan, I realized that we hadn't even taken into account what will happen if Stryker doesn't come home during the day. *Must talk to Stryker about that* Thank you Sara for making me think about that.

Another thing that is common is them making plans for him without asking first. I know they love him, but I don't think they understand that Fuzz and I are his priority now. Not only that, but R&R is for Rest and Relaxation, not cramming every day full of activities that he didn't necessarily want to do in the first place.