Well, we made it! The wedding was absolutely beautiful, although the company (my grandpa) stressed me to cold sores. Seriously. I have them. From the stress of dealing with him all weekend. Except, I don't get them on my lips, I get them on my face, around my nose. Not pretty. I spared you a picture of them.

Unfortunately, when we went to see the Golden Gate Bridge, it was really cloudy. We couldn't even see the top, although the pictures look pretty cool. It was pretty amazing.

Fuzz was a dancing fool at the wedding. Until she abruptly passed out on my lap. It was awesome. She was a great little traveler, and it makes me much less nervous about our even longer trip in a few months. Although next time I'll be traveling by myself, which will make it more interesting. No one to pass her off to when she's squirming around in my lap on the plane. Oh well, we'll make it, it's what we do.