Frozen faces

Last night as I was lying in bed desperately trying to fall asleep, I turned the TV on and saw the guy who played that shady sports agent in Jerry McGuire.

Holy Botox.

Then I changed the channel and on some news channel was another lady who looked completely unnatural.

I'm not completely anti cosmetic procedures. It's something I don't ever plan on doing myself, but I feel that it's a personal decision. But as I was watching these people, I wondered. Is this going to be the new "normal"? When Fuzz grows up, is she going to think that the frozen face look is what is normal? Because as a woman who grew up before Botox, I know that it is not a natural look. But Fuzz won't, and it makes me sad.

It makes me sad for the next generation of girls who will already struggle with body image. I just hope that I can be a good role model for her and show her that the frozen face is not natural, and that aging can be a beautiful thing.