It's been quite a ride

Yay Loqi, bonus points for you on the Tom Petty guess!

13 months ago, I said goodbye to Stryker. 13 months! Wow... Here's a recap, month by month, of what has happened.

December 2007
After Stryker left, my dad flew out to help me pack up and move back to Wisconsin. We celebrated Fuzz's first Christmas, the first of many holidays without Stryker.

January 2008
Not much newsworthy in January, just getting accustomed to life as a twosome just as we were enjoying life as a threesome.

February 2008
Signed the lease for a duplex for Fuzz and I. Started moving in on the 29th, finally received my car after a long (and still ongoing) fiasco with the transportation company.

March 2008
Enjoying life in our own place. Fuzz was learning to eat solids, and I'm pretty sure this is the month she started sleeping through the night!

April 2008
My sister and I had an intervention for my dad. It's been a hard road, but he's doing really well so far! We got snow, even at the end of the month.

May 2008
I got to celebrate my first Mother's day this month. I also ran the garbage disposal with a glass baby food jar in it...

June 2008
Our 3rd anniversary, went on a road trip to meet a fellow military wife in Chicago.

July 2008
Reached 50% in the deployment donut! Stryker and I had our first big fight of the deployment over him missing out on Fuzz's "firsts". Took a road trip to visit family in upper Michigan.

August 2008
Fuzz turned one! And then the lowlight of the whole deployment, we lost Gibby.

September 2008
My wonderful birthday with my mom and sister. Stryker was home for R&R, the highlight of the whole deployment! We celebrated Fuzz's birthday, and we got a weekend just to ourselves in Door County.

October 2008
I tackled my first big sewing project and made Fuzz's costume.

November 2008
Went to California for my cousin's wedding. Fuzz had her first experience playing in the snow. Spent Thanksgiving with family in upper Michigan.

December 2008
Found my necklace! Had a wonderful visit with a friend. Our first holiday that Stryker has missed twice in a row, Christmas. That was tough.

Well, there we are so far. Any questions about the journey so far?