This is the story of the hurricane...

I only got a few questions about the journey, but without further ado...

Did it go by faster than you thought it would? (Jenny)
Yes and no. My first reaction is yes, absolutely it went by faster than I thought it would. Fuzz has been such a joy and has kept me so busy that I haven't hardly had time to miss Stryker.


When I look back on things that happened during the deployment, it seems like they happened a long, long time ago.

Did you get your BAH changed to where you lived or did it stay to the base he was stationed at? (Kati)
Our BAH stayed the same as it was for his duty station.

When does he come home? In 2 months or are they getting shortened too? (Sara)
They are not getting shortened. Boo. He will be home, at most, 2 weeks before the 15 month mark.

I have to admit, now that the end is near and I have to deal with all this moving stuff before I head back, I'm getting a little overwhelmed. So much to do, and so hard to do it when as soon as I pack something up, little Fuzz hands unpack it. Which leaves nap time and bed time, and I prefer to have those times be relaxation time, not work time!

I am seriously considering a moving company to pack for me after I saw how amazing it was when they packed our things in Hawaii. It.Was.Amazing. Three guys came in like a hurricane and had the whole house packed up and on the truck in 3 hours. However, it would save a lot of money for me to do it myself, especially since I'm not exactly sure of the cost since they charge by hour and I can pretty much guarantee if they are getting paid hourly, they aren't coming in like a hurricane.