I'm baaaaack

We made it! Still no Stryker, but we are here. Fuzz was really good on the flights, although she slept for less than three hours between the three flights. Out of 10 hours air time. Yes, she was good, but that's a long time to entertain a little one. And let me remind you, she's busy.

Apparently, she's also entering the terrible two stage. It's wonderful. Shrieking, tantrums, biting, slapping, you name it, she probably does it. Yikes, I am so not handling this well. I am so happy Stryker is almost home to help me. I feel like nothing I do to try and curb the bad behavior works. Worse yet, when I do reprimand her, she smiles or laughs at me. You moms out there who have a baby AND one Fuzz's age...bravo. Bravo.

She is doing some fun things though. Starting to talk more. Her favorite phrase is, "good girl". Yes, she has high self esteem and praises herself regularly.

Completely unrelated - does anyone know how to do the equivalent of a right click on a MacBook? I just got one (yay!), and can't even tell you how thrilled I am to finally be connected again. Let the reading, commenting, and writing resume!