In anticipation of our guys getting home, we have been getting a lot of emails from FRG with information. On the division website, their ceremony dates and times are listed according to Chalk #. The FRG keeps reiterating that in order to find out our husband's Chalk #, we need to call Rear Detachment, and they will tell us. Then we can track their arrival on the website. Sounds too easy right? Apparently it is.

My friend T, whose husband arrived yesterday, got into town on Sunday night. I picked her up from the airport and she stayed with me for a couple days while she was getting their place set up. I was witness to her phone calls with Rear D, and they went something like this.

T: Hi, can you tell me my husband's chalk number?
Rear D: I'm sorry ma'am, I can't give you that information.
T: Well I was told to call you.
Rear D: Once your husband knows his chalk # I can tell you.
T: They don't know their chalk numbers.
Rear D: I'm sorry, then I can't tell you anything.

They went around and around in circles until eventually he told her that if she came in to the office and showed her ID he could tell her. So she went in the next day, and...you guessed it, they don't have that information. They apparently aren't telling anyone anything until they are actually on their way back to the island.

So we have FRG telling us to call Rear D, and then Rear D telling us they don't have the information. Of course this is completely expected, because, after all, it is the Army.

I called today just to see what they would tell me and he said, (without even asking me Stryker's name) that he is tentatively on either Chalk X or Chalk Z. Tentatively. Gotta love it.