Goings on

Lots happening in the last couple weeks. Stryker's official redeployment ceremony. It was for the whole brigade so the amount of soldiers there was awesome. It's hard to believe that that many men and women were over there.

We had a battalion picnic where Fuzz learned how to be completely independent on the playground equipment. She now goes up the stairs and down the slide repeatedly until you make her stop. The car ride home was quiet.

Stryker got promoted.

And block leave started. He only took a few days since we are staying here anyway. We are saving some up for PCS leave. It was a nice week having him home though. Should be short days even when he goes back, at least until block leave is over.

We went to the beach today that always has sea turtles sunning. We took Fuzz right up to them, but I think she thought they were rocks.

Life is good over here. We are blessed.