Potty training riddle

I have a riddle for you.

How does potty training lead to an ER visit?

Stumped? Well let me tell you...

Last night after dinner, Fuzz grabbed the travel pack of wipes and laid on the floor because she had a stinky diaper. Stryker and I laughed and as I carried her off to change her diaper, I said that if she could do that, she probably is getting close to being ready to be potty trained. Famous last words. So, after I changed her, I left her diaper off. I said, "now next time you have to go pee pee, you just tell mommy or daddy and we'll take you to the potty" And she squatted down and peed. Again, we laughed as I raced her into the bathroom but it was too late, but then she kept wanting to sit on it. It was like it finally connected for her, pee = potty.

So off and on we kept going and sitting on the potty and she wouldn't go once she was on it. Pretty soon she goes to the diaper bag and grabs out a diaper and starts to take it to Stryker. He said "Oh, you want to wear a diaper?" and she peed and then she was kinda sad. So we cleaned it up, no big deal, and put a diaper on, calling it a night on the potty training.

Pretty soon I was sitting on the couch with Fuzz while Stryker was doing dishes (love it) and she climbed on my back like she wanted a piggy back ride. So I take her around, go to do one more loop around the coffee table and slip in what we are assuming was an unnoticed pee puddle. Somehow, I kept holding Fuzz on my back, but I bounced off the corner of the coffee table before landing on the floor.

My first thought was "first broken bone, possible dislocated shoulder". It was immediate pain from my wrist to my shoulder. Once the initial fall I knew my shoulder was ok, but my arm was immediate red and starting to swell. I got lightheaded and nauseous. Stryker sprung into action. Ice, garbage can, ibuprofen, all while holding Fuzz. She got a little scratch on her leg but was more scared than anything.

Since it was about 8PM by this time and it was either go in and get it checked out or put Fuzz to bed. I thought better to get it checked out than go in in a couple days and find out it was broken and have to have it re-broken or worse. Icky.

My wrist/arm is not broken, but yowzer it hurt. I since have discovered I must have landed on my hip when I hit the floor because I felt that a few times while rolling over in the night.

So all is well at the Kiki house. I have a lumpy wrist, and a huge red mark from my wrist to the middle of my forearm that will probably eventually bruise, a bruise on my bicep, and a bruise on my hip, but it could have been so much worse. It is a glass table, if I didn't hit on the corner, I could have broken it. Fuzz could have gotten hurt worse, etc, etc. Again, lucky and blessed!

Potty training is over for now....