I have bike butt

For Valentine's Day, I got a bike. I haven't had a bike of my own since, oh I don't know, middle school? It's fun to get out and bike with my little family.
The hills around here are insane. Definitely not a good place to be getting back into biking. By the time we get home my legs feel like jello and I pretty much collapse on the floor.

(Not exaggerating, unfortunately)


Post Tenebras Lux


I've been wanting to respond--but don't have much time. Just wanted to say I'm glad to see you blogging again =).



I know the feeling! I just got a beach cruiser bike...and haven't rode it much. Why did I get a beach cruiser, I don't ride it on a beach?

I added your blog to my blog roll over at Goodnight moon! It's under MAJOR construction right now though, so please excuse the blah, bleck mess!