Happy Birthday

to me!

When I heard Fuzz for the first time this morning at the sweet hour of 8:15 I thought, she knows it's my birthday and she let me sleep in this morning! The sweetness ended shortly after that. She was crabby and she bit me. Hard. Teeth marks through my shirt. It was after approximately 4 times of telling her no biting. She went into time out and hated it. I only left her there for about a minute, and thankfully there wasn't anymore biting after that.

After her morning nap, which she fought, just like she has been for the last week, she was in much better spirits. The day just got better from there.

A package from Stryker with a teddy bear and bath items. Lunch with my mom and sister while my dad babysat. They really went all out. These were on the table as we walked in.

Following lunch, we went to a wine bar. We sampled a few wines, bought a bottle we all agreed on and shared it while relaxing and visiting. After that we returned to my house and my mom brought a ice cream cake. Yummy! Once everyone left I found this on my bed. Note the little signature.

I have a wonderful family. It was a great day.