The Pop-in

I am very much not a fan of the "pop-in". You know, when people (mainly my grandparents and my dad) just pop-in to visit unexpectedly. Among the reasons why I don't like this:

* My house is often messy. Fuzz sees to that.

* I'm a mother of a busy baby (still avoiding the toddler word), most the time I don't shower immediately upon waking. Notice is nice so I can at least throw on a bra.

* My husband is deployed, and the unexpected knock or door bell freaks me out.

The most irritating part of the whole thing is that I have told my grandparents and my dad that they should call first because it scares me when they come over unannounced. How disrespectful of my feelings.

My grandparents think it's ok to just pop in if it's a special day. On Fuzz's birthday they just showed up here. I didn't answer the door. They also believe it's alright to just pop in if they call first and I don't answer. They don't leave a message saying they are coming over, they just show up later.

My dad...well, he "forgot" the reason why I don't like him to just show up. So he knew I didn't like the pop-in, but didn't remember why, so he still did it? Does that make any sense? Do I need a reason why I don't like it?

The funniest part about my dad is that the grandparents who do the pop-in over here are his parents, and when I tell him that they just stopped over unannounced he always says it's rude. And then he does it!

Why did I move back here again?