Is it ever enough?

One thing I will vent about though, is Stryker. Remember all those fabulous Christmas goodies my mom and I sent him? Well he got them yesterday, and do you want to know what the first thing he said about them was?

Stryker: We got mail today, and I got the boxes. It was weird, everything in them was broken.

Yeah...not, "everything is awesome, you're the best wife ever!", but "everything was broken". Talk about feeling unappreciated, because everything after that, even the ranting about how good everything was, sounded like "blah blah blah". All of that time and love that went into making all of those things, and the first thing he says to me that everything was broken. Ouch.

Possibly the worst part is that he completely couldn't understand why that was hurtful to me. He said "It's not like I was criticizing." Well honey, actually you were. "Well, I didn't mean it." Well honey, that doesn't really matter, because you did it. Is this a guy thing? This is definitely a "his mom" thing. She does things like this all.the.time.

I will not be sending any more baked goods. They are too time consuming and too much of my heart goes into them to have them just be criticized almost every time.