Labels help me maintain my sanity

It's starting to feel pretty Christmasy around here! Most of my decorations are up (we don't have many), the tree is up (I'm still debating about putting ornaments on it. Fuzz is...curious), I have a big chunk of the shopping done, and my mom and I had a major bake-a-thon for Stryker yesterday.

We made those chocolate peppermint cookies Sara talked about, white and milk chocolate sponge candy, peanut butter balls, all those flavored nuts on my sidebar (the Sugar & Spice Pecans were divine!), and peppermint bark.

When all was said and done I mailed out one of the big flat rate boxes and one of the smaller ones. Approximately 12 pounds of cookies, candy, and nuts! Good thing he shares, otherwise he may need to order new uniforms! We had a lot of fun making everything, and conveniently, my mom left just in time for clean up. Thankfully, the repairman came last night and fixed the dishwasher.

If you haven't done it yet, and you mail a lot of care packages or letters, go out and buy some labels. Those downrange addresses are long, and it's so easy to make a mistake. I use the big ones on packages, and the little ones for letters.

As a bonus, when people ask for Stryker's address, I can just give them a label! Since Stryker deployed just before Christmas last year (we just passed our anniversary on Saturday, happy anniversary to us!), we sent a label in each Christmas card we sent out. Worked great, except they changed their address once they got in country, approximately 3 days after I sent out the cards. (Why not??)

We got a lot of snow last night and the neighbor was at it again with the snowblower this morning. It makes me laugh, but apparently it's not that uncommon to have wimpy spoiled dogs (sorry D.A.R., I couldn't resist).