The dish

So here's the scoop. Like I said, last night we were awoken by fighting, and then I clearly heard someone slam into something, followed by crying and yelling. The initial fighting sounded like it was down on the street, but they ended up in her apartment (no, we don't live on post, but he was military) where they continued to fight.

Apparently she pushed him first and then he pushed her. I'm not really sure of all the details.

Just a few weeks ago a man killed his ex-girlfriend, so I think everyone was on high alert and called the cops right away. I was frightened by it, especially after hearing the story about the killing. I didn't want Stryker to be outside waiting to get the keys back. I didn't know how crazy this guy was or if he had a weapon. I didn't want him to see Stryker. I mean, he just got home safely after 15 months in Iraq, let's not get hurt by a crazy domestic abuser.

In the end, Fuzz didn't wake up, Stryker came back safely, and eventually we did fall back asleep. So all is well for us. The girl was obviously ok too. There was no ambulance or anything. There is no excuse for that. There are resources out there for people in her situation. If you find yourself there...please use them!