First Haircut

Yup, that's right, Fuzz got her first haircut. We took her to a children's hair cutting place. You would think the stylists are kid friendly...not so much. She knew it was her first haircut, and she just rushed right through it and I even had to collect hair off of the floor for a keepsake. No ceremonious "here's your lock of hair from the first snip", but "I can give you a bag for the hair you so frantically picked off the floor before I swept it up".

I digress...

Fuzz loved sitting in the car until the stylist put the cape on her. She hated the cape. She hated the blowdryer even more. And yet the stylist kept blowing it dry, despite Fuzz being in a complete panic about it! I should have told her to knock it off but I was busy trying to calm Fuzz down. She was over it as soon as she got her little cup of animal crackers.

Anyway, the pictures speak for themselves.

It turned out cute and looks so much cleaner, but I doubt we'll be going back to that place...