Photography, dates, and bunnies

I had my first class of the photography workshop last night. She talked a lot about things I already knew, but I did learn a few things and got to ask some questions. Apparently it just keeps building on, so next class should be lots of new stuff for me. She got into photography much in the same way that I have, and is doing what I would ultimately love to do. We'll see where this leads!

Stryker hooked up a baby sitter for us for tonight, so we are having a date night (which I should be getting ready for). He asked this guy to watch her without even talking about a date night with me first. I love that. I love when he makes an effort without having to hear 43 hints first. It really makes me feel loved and special. He did something nice on his own. Love it.

We're going for sushi and then we're switching to Easter bunny mode and going shopping for Fuzz. It will be our first holiday that we've been able to truly shop for her together. Fun stuff!