Civilian talk

I know that friends and family genuinely are trying to help and be compassionate when they say certain things. They are trying to comfort. Most of the time, their words come off as thoughtless and make me wonder if they actually thought about how it would sound to me before they opened their traps. This is when I truly appreciate and love my military wife friends.

Some examples:
* (before he left) Well, things could change, maybe he won't have to go.
* (1 week after he left) Do you miss him?
* How long has he been gone? {4 months}, oh, the time will go fast.
* Aww..he's missing so much in Fuzz's life.
* CRYING about him being gone when you aren't his wife, daughter, brother, sister, mom, or dad. I do not want to comfort you because my husband is gone.

I don't usually say anything because I know they just don't understand. Unless you have lived this life, you can't possibly know what it feels like. I guess I would rather they didn't say anything. If I want to talk about it, I will.