Fuzz and fieldtrips

Tomorrow Fuzz and I are going to visit Stryker's family. It's about an hour and a half drive. We are leaving during nap time so she sleeps on the way. It was like a switch flipped about 3 weeks ago. She's not a very good passenger anymore.

It's better than it was when she first flipped the switch. At that time I had a pile full of toys in the front seat so when she threw one I could replace it when she started whining. Now I give her her puppy. This blankey that on one corner has a puppy head and on the opposite corner has 2 feet and a tail. She loves that thing. She got it from my Godmother at her baptism. I have put my order in for another one in case this one ever happens to get lost. I believe that would be considered a nightmare.

Fuzz is a darling, I love her. She is sweet, and happy, and..well I could go on all day but I'm pretty biased I think.