Really, I do...

Let me start by saying I get along very well with ML's family and I love them. Really, I do. Today they really made me mad. I know things like this happen, but they were expecting me, it wasn't a surprise, and a courtesy call would have been much appreciated.

I told my MIL I would be there late morning. They live about a hour and a half's drive away, and I like to travel during nap time. Fuzz was sleeping as I got into town (at 11AM..I believe that's late morning), so I called her to ask her if she would let their yippy dog outside so she wouldn't wake Fuzz. No answer. So I called their home phone. No answer. Well she woke up as I opened my door anyway, so that's fine. I take her out, grab all my stuff and go to the door. Locked. So I knock. Dogs go nuts, no one comes to the door. My SIL sleeps late so I'm figuring she is there, just not answering the door. I call her. No answer. I call her again. No answer. I called her 3 or 4 times. No answer. I called my MIL again. Nothing. Called my BIL, nothing! At this point it's like, are you kidding me???? So I call my FIL, I figure he's at work. Didn't have his phone number stored in my phone so I guessed, someone who barely spoke English answered..clearly the wrong number. Tried again, got him. He's mad, tries to get ahold of everyone calls back, neither one of us has heard anything.

At this point I would have loved to have turned around and went home. I was mad, but at this point it's almost noon, Fuzz eats at noon, and I only have frozen homemade baby food and no way to defrost it. So my FIL tells me that he's stuck at work but I can go and pick up his key so I can get in the house if I want. So I go get it, get back to their house, still no one home, still no one has called me. I feed Fuzz, because hungry baby = cranky baby.

I was right, my SIL was there the whole time. My BIL calls at 12:10, they are out getting new cell phones and it took a little longer than they thought it would.

At least it was important, right?